Noise emissions from sustainable transport (NEST)

Johan Nygren, Susann Boij, Romain Rumpler and Ciarán O'Reilly

Noise is often a limiting factor in development of urban and residential areas. So called noise maps are often used to assess the annoyance from noise in populated areas. Such noise maps give the noise levels as an average, possibly discriminating between day, night and weekend time. Currently, road vehicles undergo pass-by noise test in the certification process. It is well known that not only the noise levels affect the annoyance levels related to road and rail traffic, but knowledge about time variations, tonal components, frequency content and other more complex characteristics of the sound are essential in order to assess annoyance levels. This project works towards establishing reliable simulation models and measurement methodology for assessment of noise character and levels from moving ground vehicles in urban areas, as well as assessment of the impact of noise. This would include methods for monitoring generated noise levels and character related to a specific vehicle as it moves along a route, as well as the more traditional way to monitor the noise levels and character at certain stationary locations in the built environment. It will also research and develop tools improving the assessment of in-situ vehicle acoustic footprint, based on simulations or measurements. Additonally, it will provide relevant data for innovative design of new (and specifically targeted) vehicle concepts balanced with respect to other vehicle functions such as loading capacity, lightweight design, transport efficiency, autonomous vehicles, BEVs etc. Finally, it will support relevant policymaking for transport efficiency including noise aspects, based on the available enabling technologies.

Noise emission from a truck.


[Poster] Noise Emissions from Sustainable Transport: A Micro-level, Instantaneous Approach (pdf 2.6 MB)


[1]   J. Nygren, S. Boij, R. Rumpler and C. J. O'Reilly. "A study of the interaction between vehicle exterior noise emissions and vehicle energy demands for different drive cycles," 23rd International Congress on Acoustics, ICA, 2019, 2019.

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