Methods for improved accuracy in unsteady aerodynamics (MIAU)

Johan Hammar, Ciarán O'Reilly and Gunilla Efraimsson

In the aeronautical/vehicle industry, simulation of flows is essential in order to predict the vehicle performance and behavior. In these simulations turbulence modeling is included. An accurate prediction of the turbulence gives e.g. a better basis for drag prediction and aero-acoustic analysis, which affects the vehicle design. This projects looks at computional methods which are more efficent in terms of the number of discretisation points needed for a given accuracy. In particular, a wave expansion method (WEM) is investigated as this is an efficient discretization technique which is used for wave propagation problems. The method uses fundamental solutions to the wave operator in the discretization procedure and will thus proasduce accurate results at two to three points per wavelength.

Acoustic pressure at the shedding frequency computed with CFD and WEM at Mach 0.3.


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