Dynamic characteristics of ground vehicles in crosswind gusts (Sidvind)

Tural Tunay, Ciarán O'Reilly and Lars Drugge

The challenge addressed in this research proposal is to investigate the full dynamic characteristics of ground vehicles exposed to unsteady crosswind gusts. There is a need for improved understanding of how flow phenomena affect crosswind stability of vehicles, particularly with the introduction of lighter materials and the development of control systems for autonomous vehicles. This inherently requires a multidisciplinary coupling between aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics, including driver models. The proposed work will use two-way coupled aerodynamic and vehicle- dynamic numerical simulations, and aims to provide a development tool that reliably predicts crosswind stability. The project objectives are to 1) evaluate all relevant aerodynamic aspects of the unsteady flow around ground vehicles including the effect of gust profile and vehicle geometry parameters; 2) evaluate the effects of different vehicle dynamic model parameters and develop an advanced model for driver behaviour in response to crosswind gusts; and 3) provide a development tool that reliably predicts crosswind stability of the vehicles. The use of advanced numerical methods will provide benefits to vehicle designers, not least as experimental methods face significant challenges, such as the generation of relevant crosswind profile in a wind tunnel. This will enable the design of less wind-sensitive vehicles.

Vehicle model as it enters a crosswind gust.


[Poster] Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Characteristics of Ground Vehicles in Crosswind Gusts (pdf 2.5 MB)


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