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Master of Science Theses

Master Thesis Project Opportunities

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Ongoing M.Sc. Theses

Completed M.Sc. Theses

Zhan O: Vehicle Optimisation to Reduce Wheel Squeal on Roslagsbanan.

Lönnbark G: Characterization of Track Irregularities with Respect to Vehicle Dynamics.

Tieri R: Modelling and Simulation of Pantograph-Catenary Interaction.

Padilla Prado‎ F: Train Air Resistance.

Hossein Nia S: Dynamic Modelling of Freight Wagons, Master of Science Thesis, ISRN: BTH-AMT-EX--2011/D-04--SE, BTH, Karlskrona, Sweden, 2011.

Sjöholm M: Benefits of Regenerative Braking and Eco Driving for High-Speed Trains, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2011:23, ISBN 978-91-7415-920-2, Stockholm, Sweden, 2011.

Robla Sánchez I: Wheel Wear Simulation of the Light Rail Vehicle A32, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2010:42, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-10/42-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010.

Karis T: Track Irregularities for High-Speed Trains – Evaluation of their Correlation with Vehicle Response, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2009:95, ISBN 978-91-7415-547-1, Stockholm, Sweden, 2009.

Ahlanzberg Andersson J: Simulation of Wheel Wear for Passive Running Gear of the Regina 250 Train, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2009:94, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-09/94-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2009.

Hesse C: Performance of Simplified Carbody Tilt – Simulations of the Regina 250, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2008:71, ISBN 978-91-7415-211-1, Stockholm, Sweden, 2008.

Forsberg T: Condition Monitoring of Railway Mechanics with Focus on Train Ride Stability, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2006:107, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-06/107-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2006.

Brodén E: Wheel Wear and Reprofiling Alternatives for Swedish Rc4 Locomotive – Measurements and Simulations, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2006:106, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-06/106-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2006.

Öberg J: Track Deterioration of Ballasted Tracks – Marginal Cost Models for Different Railway Vehicles, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2006:88, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-06/88-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2006.

Skoglund M: Dual-Mode Locomotives – A Systems Study, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2005:49, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-05/49-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2005.

Parczewski E: Modelling and Simulation of Train Coupling Dynamics, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2005:47, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-05/47-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2005.

Claesson S: Modelling of Track Flexibility for Rail Vehicle Dynamics Simulation, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2005:26, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-05/26-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2005.

Orvnäs A: Simulation of Rail Wear on the Swedish Light Rail Line Tvärbanan, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2005:12, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-05/12-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2005.

Gustavsson D and Movell D: Simulation of Movements of Trains for the Purpose of Exterior Sizing (Gauging), 2004.

Thomas D: Development and Verification of a Multibody Dynamic Simulation Model for a Freight Wagon with Powell Duffryn TF25SA Running Gear, Master’s Degree Project, TRITA AVE 2003:19, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-03/19-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2003.

Dirks B: Vehicle Dynamics Simulation of Wheel Wear for Swedish High-Speed Train X2000, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2003:16, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-03/16-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2003.

Hansson J: Reduction of Flexural Vibrations in Rail Vehicle Carbodies Using Piezoelectric Elements and Passive Shunt Circuit, Master of Science Thesis, TRITA AVE 2003:15, ISRN KTH/AVE/RTM-03/15-SE, Stockholm, Sweden, 2003.

Brabie D: Simulation of Active Lateral Suspension in Railway Vehicles – Parametric Studies for an Electro-Mechanical Actuator, TRITA-FKT 2002:09, ISRN KTH/FKT/EX-02/09-SE, Stockholm, 2002.

Söderdahl K: Design and Simulations of Systems for the Active Guidance of Railway Vehicles, 2001.

Lindahl M: Track Geometry for High-Speed Railways – A Literature Survey and Simulation Dynamic Vehicle Response, TRITA-FKT 2001:54, ISRN KTH/FKT/EX-01/54-SE, Stockholm, 2001.

Sundvall P: Comparison between Predicted and Measured Ride Comfort in Trains – A Case Study on Modelling, 2001.

Fors J: Energy Consumption of Passenger Train X2 with Regenerative Braking and Induction Motors – Feasibility Study and Development of a Simulation Model, 2001.

Westberg J: Interference of Lateral Vibrations on Train Passenger Activities, 2000.

Tornlund M: Automatic Train Protection (ATP) on Maintenance Rail Vehicles. An Analysis of Risk and Economy – A Swedish Case Study, 2000.

Siebert S: Dynamic Simulation of the Powell-Duffryn TF25 Freight Wagon Bogie, 2000.

Andersson M and Torikian J: De-Icing Methods for Rail Vehicles, TRITA-FKT 2000:38, ISRN KTH/FKT/EX-00/38-SE, Stockholm, 2000.

Flemström G: Energy Consumption and Air Pollution of Diesel-Powered Rail Traffic – A Model for Estimation in Passenger and Freight Operations, 1999.

Lippert S: On Side Wind Stability of Trains, 1999.

Hecke A: Effects of Future Mixed Traffic on Track Deterioration, 1998.

Jendel T: Dynamic Analysis of a Freight Wagon with Modified Y25 Bogies, 1997.

Wollström M: Simulation of Vehicle-Track Dynamic Interaction: Comparisons of Simulation and Measurement Results for an ER4 Regional Train on Danish Track, 1997.

Möller V-H and Wahlström P: Acoustic Comfort on Trains, 1997.

Wingren J: Track to Carbody Vibration Transfer for a Bogie Rail Vehicle, 1997.

Lange H: Dynamic Analysis of a Railway Freight Car with Standard UIC Single-Axle Running Gear, 1996.

Gabrielson O: Analysis of a New Method for Measuring Wheel-Rail Forces, 1996.

Hansson L: Design of Seating Areas – Maximum Comfort on Minimum Space, (In Swedish: Utformning av sittplatser – Maximal komfort på minimalt utrymme), 1996.

Kaviani K: Maintenance Guidance for UIC60 Turnouts, (In Swedish: En liten bok om "växlande" arbete – Vägledning vid underhåll av UIC60-växlar), 1996.

Wenzel M: Energy Consumption of the Streetcar System at Göteborgs Spårvägar, 1995.

Jönsson P-A: Development of Train Operations at SJ, (In Swedish: Utveckling av operationerna inom SJ), 1993.

Ingvast J: Derivation of Equations of Motion and Creepages for Rail Vehicles, (In Swedish: Härledning av rörelseekvationer och kryp för spårburna fordon), 1993.

Sandén O: Efficient Marshalling Yards, (In Swedish: Effektiva rangerbangårdar), 1993.

Arvidsson A and Andersson T: Comparison between Different Criteria for Vibration Comfort in Rail Vehicles, (In Swedish: Jämförelse av olika kriterier för bedömning av vibrationskomfort i järnvägsfordon), 1991.

Jerlström H and Naumburg C: Comparative Measurements of Vibrations, Accelerations and Sound Levels in Trains, Buses, Airplanes and Passenger Cars, (In Swedish: Jämförande mätningar av vibrationer, accelerationer och ljudnivåer hos tåg, bussar, flygplan och personbilar), 1990.

Wrang M and Slivon R: Single Axle Running Gear, 1990.